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We consult on all network services.  These services include, but not limited to, subnetting, firewalls, filtering, troubleshooting, routing, VoIP, software design, and Telephony. 


We consult on network subnetting, firewalls, routing, filtering, and troubleshooting.  For a better look at our Networking services, go here.


We design and build customized software applications from GUIs to dynamic apache modules to building web portals to internet applications.  As all real applications go, we suggest a real database to go with it.  For a better look as our software services, go here.

E-Mail filtering

We can help you block UCE (spam) and other unwanted email.  For more information can be found here.

Server OS

We consult on all types of servers.  We have worked with various stable UNIX and some unstable Windows servers for many years.  There are many servers that we will help with, however, some are unstable.  We believe that a server should be stable enough to run forever.  For more information on the operating systems that we support, go here.


We consult with telephony services.  We have worked with various VoIP protocol including IAX, SIP, and Skype.  We have worked with telephony devices, including both software and hardware.  These can range from hardware (Linksys and D-Link) to software (Asterisk and 3CX).  For more information, go here.

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