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The Asterisk online PBX is a simple one to configure.  You can configure this simply by choosing a protocol and setting up a "device".  Once that is configured, you can setup various extensions for each device.


The Zapata PCI cards are simple devices that are used to tie the Asterisk PBX to the outside world.  There are two devices that they sell, FXO and FXS.  FXO (Foreign eXchange Office) is for connecting to your telephone companies loop circuits or to another PBX.  The FXO device is used where normally a telephone would connect.  FXS (Foreign eXchange Station) is for connecting to a telephone handset or station.


VoIP (Voice Over IP) is a simple idea.  It involves a network protocol that allows communication from one internet telephony device to another.  This device can be anything from a softphone on a computer to a network FXS converter and to another Asterisk server.

Sip FXS devices (Linksys and D-Link)

There are many models that provide the conversion from a VoIP to a landline like connection.  These modules provide the ability to use a legacy telephone or a fax machine with any VoIP provider.  Most commonly, these devices tie to Asterisk for the communication, though, you can use them with a external VoIP provider.

Sip Handset Devices

These devices are handsets with an ethernet connection.  They are talk a VoIP protocol called SIP and interact with a VoIP server.  A VoIP handset is good for employees of customers that travel as they can be used in hotels or other places that have internet connections.

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