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We offer various types of software programming services, including database and GUI programming.  There are many ways data can be shared with other.  The best method for spanning different types of operating systems is using web pages.

LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL Perl

LAMP applications are fun to build.  Programming these is easier than programming in ASP.  LAMP stand for Linux Apache MySQL (Perl or PHP or Python).  FreeBSD does offer an increased speed over Linux in some instances and may be desired for your application.


Apache is a very fast and safe to use web server.  It is commonly used in internet locations where IIS is not able to handle the load.  Apache can use modules to make dynamic content.  One module that makes Apache the best is mod_perl, which allows for caching of certain Perl CGI scripts.


MySQL is a relational database comparable to Oracle.  (I did not list SQL server from Microsoft as it beats this one out of the water!)  The speed and capability are very similar when it comes to Oracle.

GUI - Graphical User Interfacing

GUI programming involves the design, building, and inplementation of graphical interfaces.  This style of programming can guarantee no other software is needed to view and run the program.  We prefer that applications can be compiled across vaious types of operating systems.

PERL - Practical Extraction Resource Language

PERL stand for Practical Extraction Resource Language.  It is commonly used in building CGI applications.  (Whoever said PERL was a dead language is stupid because PERL is actually running the internet.)  The first purposes of PERL started when two guys wanted to parse data in a fast program.  They built it to quickly manipulate data.  The ease of use brought it to the CGI and application world.  (Don't forget that PERL works with a TC module to make GUIs.)

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker is a unique software.  I have been maintaining a database while quite a bit of modifications in FileMaker.  In order to build minimize the changes I would make to FileMaker itself, I build my own version of FX.PHP to work with Perl.  This programming was very simple and easy to do.


We can work to make your database web accessible by building database connectors.

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